Install libwebsockets library in Linux

Like the post’s title says, I’m going to explain how I installed the libwebsockets in my Linux distribution. I needed it for one of the Cocos2dx‘s libraries (the extension library). At first, by mistake, I thought that this library didn’t exist, but finally I found it, libwebsockets project.

Let’s download the last version wget  and uncompress it tar -xzvf libwebsockets-1.22-chrome26-firefox18.tar.gz . The installation instructions are in the INSTALL file. The first thing you have to do is check that you have already installed the autoconf package I don’t even known about its existence till I tried to install the libwebsockets today :-). Just type down in your terminal  sudo apt-get install autoconf. After that, launch the script ./ The first time I launched it in my laptop, Debian required to me the GNU Libtool package, if this is your case, just sudo apt-get install libtool.

Finally the steps described in the library for the correct installation are:

That will install the library in your system. In my case in the /usr/local/lib directory. If this is your case too, I recomend create a symbolic links in the /usr/lib/ directory for avoiding problems with Eclipse when you’ll try to use the library as “shared library”



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